These are the Candidates that did well in 
the Primaries, they will need your support!

Federal Offices:
Congressional District 39: Ed Royce
Congressional District 47: Andrew Wallon
Congressional District 48: Dana Rohrabacher
Congressional District 49: Darrel Issa
Congressional District 38: Ben Campos

State Offices:

Governor                    Neil Kashkari
Lt. Governor               Ron Nehring
Secretary of State       Pete Peterson
Brd of Equalization    Diane Harkey

Assembly 70th. District  John Goya
Assembly 65th. District  Young Kim

State Senate  34th District  Janet Nguyen

County Offices:

Assessor                                 Claude Parrish
District Attorney                   Tony Rackauckas
Sheriff                                    Sandra Hutchens
Orange Co. Supervisor 2       Michelle Steel
Judge Seat 14                         Kevin Haskins