Thursday Evening, Oct 19, 7pm, Rush Park Auditorium

Burt returns with commentary and stories

Burt has covered Hollywood for years, including writing columns for Los Angeles newspapers, screenplays for movies and television shows, and books.  He will be bringing his latest book, "THE STORY OF MY LIFE" which is a collection of interviews with greats like Groucho Marx, Jack Webb, George Kennedy, Billy Wilder, Stan Laurel, Jimmy Stewart, George Burns, and many more.  Burt always has a good story to tell.  He will also comment on some of the political events of the day, which are also printed in the Patriot Post.  

Patriot Steve returns with an involved talk about why slavery was included in the original constitution, how it has been misrepresented for political purposes, and how new misrepresentations are guiding political events to the wrong ends.   

This may be our last meeting of the year! Come and join us!