Thursday, March 16, 2017
Rush Park Auditorium - 3001 Blume Drive, Los Alamitos, CA

Our Special Guest:  

Best-Selling Author John L. Hancock!

Our special guest in March will be John Hancock (the living one), an author of two fine books about history.  One, “Liberty & Prosperity,” resulted in his being invited to London to meet some of the members of Parliament to discuss his work on Saxon history.

John has started a new series of talks that are designed to be given in pubs and ale houses, copying the events of early America when traveling experts would give presentations in various cities; hence the name “Liberty Untapped”  The pubs would give the speaker space and time if the attendees drank the house beer.  It was how our forefathers learned more about government, food storage, farming improvements and other important matters of the day.  So far, this system has been successful in California – and is growing!

Thursday’s subject will concern how some political groups wage a “Distortion of History,” a process designed to manipulate the thinking of our youngest citizens.  It is an informative talk, and important!