2016 Election Recommendations

Donald J. Trump
Congress 47th.
Andy Whallon
72 Assembly district
Travis Allen
65 Assembly district
Young Kim

Proposition 51
Yes would be in favor.
ü  NO against issuing Bonds.
There is no Local control!

Proposition 52
               Yes would be in favor.
ü  NO not in favor of handing out
Our funds with no strings attached.

Proposition 53
ü  YES is a vote to give power to the Voters
No vote is to let Politicians spend our money without our input.

Proposition 54
ü  YES vote is to let us see what the crooked politicians are voting on.
No vote is to let the Legislators vote on bills without us reading them first.

Proposition 55
Yes vote extends a tax that was supposed to be temporary.
ü  NO Vote lets the Tax expire like the crooked politicians promised.

Proposition 56
Yes vote increases cigarette taxes by $2.00 per pack. $20.00 per carton of ten.
ü  NO vote leaves the tax the same and keeps the fat Bureaucrats away from our money.

Proposition 57
Yes vote supports releasing criminals out of jail early. Enough of this nonsense.
ü  NO vote keeps our laws strong and keeps our streets safe.

Proposition 58
               Yes vote repeals English in our schools.
ü  NO keeps English in our Schools.
               Does Tower of Babel mean anything to you?

Proposition 59
Yes vote is in favor of overturning a Supreme Court decision.
ü  NO Vote is to vote against overturning Citizen united v. Federal Election Commission.

Proposition 60
            Yes vote is to require the use of condoms.
ü  NO Vote keeps the government out of every aspect of our lives.

Proposition 61
Yes vote regulates drug prices for state agencies.
ü  NO Vote keeps the government out of regulating drug prices.

Proposition 62
      Yes vote repeals the death penalty.
ü  NO vote is against repealing death penalty.
See prop. 66!!

Proposition 63
Yes vote is to degrade your 2nd amendment rights.
ü  NO Vote keeps the Government away from our 2nd. Amendment rights.

       Proposition 64
            Yes vote is to legalize Marijuana.
ü  NO vote is against legalizing Marijuana.

Proposition 65
Yes vote redirects money that the markets charge for bags to environmental causes.
Establishes new Bureaucracy.
ü  NO vote keeps the law the same, but why let them charge us for bags? See Prop 67!!

Proposition 66
ü  YES vote makes the Penalty more efficient and less expensive and more humane.
No vote keeps the law the same which drags out for decades.

Proposition 67
Yes vote keeps the law as is and you will not be able to use plastic bags.
ü  NO Vote overturns SB 270 and we can have our plastic bags back. The markets will not be charging for bags.