Important Meeting about the "Refugees"

Tuesday Evening, 7 PM, October 20, 2015
Rush Park Auditorium

Intelligence Expert Col. Jon Gold returns with important information on the ISIS invasion.

We are witnessing the largest refugee crisis since WWII, but all is not what it seems. In an interview with Osama bin Laden, a reporter documented Al Qaeda's 7 part strategy for the conquest of Western Civilization. His story was published in 2005.  As we review his article 10 years later, in 2015, it is apparent that we are now in phase 6 of OBL's strategy, with the first 5 phases completed in the time frames allotted.  Should our president be concerned?
Should we?

The series on our Constitutional Heritage continues with a lesson on our First Session of Congress. Many historians consider this session as our second constitutional convention, since they met to write and enact laws that were uniform with the constitutional intent.