February 17th. 2015  7:00pm

Rush Park Auditorium

3001 Blume Dr. Los Alamitos, CA 90720 (Rossmoor)


Kurt will talk about the political problems we will be facing this year, how we can work with our new congress, and will bring us up to date on our latest terrorism problems.  Kurt has the credentials to bring us accurate information on all these fields.  

Several books are authored by Kurt Schlichter:  Conservative Insurgency, 50 Shades Of A Liberal, I Am A Liberal, Fetch My Latte` and others.  He's got a great sense of humor and pulls no punches when debating liberals.  Obviously, Andrew Breitbart liked his delivery!

Along with his world-wide endeavors, Kurt was the Public Affairs Officer for the 40th Infantry Division in Los Alamitos!  

We are happy to have Kurt speak at such an important time; bring your friends!

The Tea Party Patriots still have their movie available!