Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016

The Staff at the 405/605 Tea Party Patriots wishes all of you a wonderful Christmas and a tremendous New Year!
Let's Make America Great Again!!

A Big Hit: The Band of the California Battalion!

On Thursday night, November 13, we were treated to a wonderful show by the Band of the California Battalion.   They put on a wonderful show!


SPECIAL: Our 5th Year Anniversary Celebration

THURSDAY EVENING  November 13, 7:00
At Rush Park Auditorium, 3001 Blume Dr.  Los Alamitos, CA



This promises to be a wonderful evening and a way to celebrate our election wins or comfort our losses.  Please bring your family and enjoy a spirited evening of fun and enjoyment!

We will also have a limited number of DVD's of the movie "America, Imagine the World Without Her" available for a donation.  We bought these from Dinesh D'Souza, so the funds are going to a good cause.  

Graphic courtesy of

The Border States Of America

Watch the Movie FREE!  Click Here

A Good Evening With Colonel Jon Gold

Over 200 People came to hear Intelligence expert Col. Jon Gold (U.S. Army, Retired) present his information on the threats in the Middle East.  His explanations about the history of the rise of militant Islam and the needs of the U.S. military were exceptional.

Middle East, What are we Doing?

  Our next meeting:
October 21st ,2014  7:00pm.
Rush Park Auditorium
3001 Blume Dr. Los Alamitos 90720

ISIS, Gaza, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Africa, Ukraine, Russia, China.

Speaker:  Colonel Jon H. Gold,U.S. Army Retired

Jon Gold is a career Military Intelligence Officer and served in the Military Intelligence Branch for 30 years.Over his last 10 years of service, Colonel Gold served as the Assistant Foreign Policy Adviser for the United States Pacific Command, America’s largest Major Command, where he facilitated the first United States – Communist China peacetime military exercise,

Before that, he served 2 tours as the Chief Military Intelligence Officer for the United Nations Pre Deployment Forces in Former Yugoslavia during the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts in the European Theatre. He was able to predict the outbreak of the ethnic conflict in Kosovo a full year before the beginning of a second ethnic cleansing – and helped prevent it. Colonel Gold is not anti-Muslim, but is anti-Islamist. He observed the rise of Radical Islamic Fundamentalism in Europe and is working to prevent that threat to Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews in America.

Colonel Gold was a founder of the Southern California Drug Task Force.

Dinesh D'Souza Night A Great Success!

Thank You To All Our People - EVERYBODY - Who Made This Happen!

Tuesday night's meeting with Dinesh D'Souza was a tremendous success!  We were packed to capacity by a wonderful, mannerly group that enjoyed the night without a hitch.  More photos will be posted later this week, along with other information.  

Special Event: All Seats Taken

Rush Park Auditorium is located at 3001 Blume Dr.  Los Alamitos, CA
Parking is limited.  Be prepared to walk 2-3 blocks to the auditorium.

A VERY IMPORTANT Speech on Property and Water Rights

Tuesday, August 19, 2014  7:00 PM
Rush Park Auditorium,  3001 Blume Drive, Los Alamitos, CA

Don't Miss Debbie Bacigalupi 

We will have a short presentation on these men, whose efforts resulted in our Bill of Rights    

The next election is less than 100 days away. Votes are important.  Please consider doing a short walk in your neighborhood to hand out voter information.  

See "AMERICA!" It's worth it!

We recommend that you see this movie, as it is an objective, fact based presentation of events in history.  

We believe that the truth should be known to all the residents in these United States. Therefore, this film is very important, especially to our younger people.

We are not selling tickets at this time.  CLICK HERE for information on show times and locations.

Next Meeting: July 15

For More Information on Jamie Glazov, CLICK HERE
Jamie was recently on Sean Hannity's show on FOXNews  Click Here
We are happy to host Ron Nehring, whose qualifications are joined by endorsements from some of California's most important organizations. 
Ron will take questions from our audience after his presentation.

Grand Opportunity

The Republicans Can End the Democrat's Super-Majority 

The latest election results show that the Democrats have increased vulnerability because of job losses, their love of debt, and their partnership with higher education costs.  Faithful followers of the Democrat party now are questioning their party's indifference to the plight of the working man while the politicians enjoy their positions and pay.  
Our Tea Party group wants a better California for everybody.  Come to our meeting on July 15.

Dr. Gina Loudon spoke at our meeting on May 27th 
and then signed her books.  Thanks for your visit, Gina!

The Psychological Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives

Our meetings are at the Rush Park Auditorium in Los Alamitos, just a jump away from the intersection of the 405 and 605 Freeways.

Other Patriot Groups of Note, Just click the link:

Stop Voter Fraud -- Our May 6th Meeting

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Linda Paine Speaking at 405/605 Tea Party Patriots Meeting

This meeting is on Tuesday, May 6th at 7pm at the
Rush Park Auditorium
3001 Blume Drive,  Los Alamitos, CA  

For more events, check out the Hancock Park Patriots "Sentinel"  Click Here

A Unique Meeting - NOTE the Day and Date!

    From our meeting on February 20, 2014, we had Andy Whallon, a candidate for the 47th Congressional District (on the left), and Robert Tyler, who presented his case on how the K-12 Schools are being hijacked by the liberal establishment. 

    CLICK  HERE  to link to Congressman Trey Gowdy's Speech about the lack of constitutional ethics from our current President.

The 405-605 Tea Party Patriots believe in the prudent exercise of our Constitutional government.  All our meetings are held at Rush Park Auditorium, 3001 Blume Drive, Los Alamitos, CA.  Click on the map below to enlarge the image:

"What is Happening in our Schools"?

Our next meeting:
March 20, 2014  7:00pm  
Rush Park Auditorium.
3001 Blume Dr. Los Alamitos, 90720

“What is happening in our Schools?”
You will be informed of the dangers that have infiltrated the public school system in the last few years and the positive
actions that parents, students, and teachers can take to counter this agenda in the schools.

March  20,  2014  Speaker: Robert Tyler Esq.
Robert Tyler, General Counsel

Since passing the California Bar in 1995, Robert has practiced constitutional law and has been instrumental in the furtherance of religious liberty through the prosecution of numerous religious liberty lawsuits.  In 2002, Robert opened Alliance Defense Fund’s (ADF) first regional office.  In 2005, he founded Advocates for Faith and Freedom. Robert has been featured in American Lawyer and The Daily Journal, two prominent trade magazines.  On numerous occasions, Robert has been called on to comment and be interviewed by local, national, and international media outlets.  He has been a featured guest on Fox News, MSNBC, and PBS.
 Advocates for Faith & Freedom is a non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting our religious liberty in the courts.  Our mission is to engage in cases that will uphold our religious liberty and America’s heritage and to educate Americans about our fundamental constitutional rights.  We recognize that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.  In today’s culture, that foundation is slowly being eroded by legal challenges to the family structure, religious freedom, basic property rights, and parental rights, and by other court decisions that have created a society increasingly devoid of the message and influence of God. 

Andy Whallon for Congress 47th District. 
 Picture Are you concerned about the direction our country is taking.  Do you feel that we are on the ‘wrong track?’
Do you know someone who has lost their job and can't find a new one?  Do you know a recent graduate who can't start a career?
Has your health insurance been cancelled?  Are you worried that Obamacare may cause your employer to drop health insurance altogether, and that you’ll have to get an Obamacare policy with its higher premiums, higher deductibles, and fewer choices?
How do you feel knowing the government may be recording all of your phone calls, reading all of your emails, and tracking all of your internet usage?
The essential idea of my campaign is this: your life is your own.
As your representative, this will be my fundamental governing principle. I will be on your side against elected officials and bureaucrats who do not respect your family, your work, your choices, or your life.
America was, ought to be, and can be again, the freest country on earth, a place of overflowing opportunities, a place where you can peacefully build your life, pursue your values, and live according to your own judgement the way you see fit, whether or not the government or your neighbor or anyone agrees.