Sharia and Our Constitution

The Muslim Brotherhood, Jihad, and Shariah
Is it a Threat to America’s Existence?

When:  November 21, 2013
Where: Rush Park Auditorium, 3001 Blume Dr. Rossmoor  CA.
Time:    7:00pm

We will present two courses that involve every citizen:

Presented by Jim Murphy and Steve Martel - Act! For America.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Jihad
and Shariah

What you will learn:
·      What is Shariah, Islamic Law and why do you need to know about it?
·      Why the Muslim Brotherhood is democracy’s most dangerous enemy
·      Why imposing Shariah on America is the Muslim Brotherhood’s biggest goal.
·      The key Shariah doctrines that have enabled Muslims to subjugate unbelievers for 1400 years
·      The role that CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood groups play in the stealth jihad against America.
·      The Muslim Brotherhood’s 5-step plan to subjugate America to Shariah (they are on step 3!!).

Our Speakers:  
   Steve Martel is also a team leader for ACT! for America, a nationwide, grass-roots organization dedicated to educating the public and elected officials about the threat of Political Islam. 

  Jim Murphy is the Political Education and Action Team Leader for the Mission Viejo Chapter of ACT! for America.   He is a former General Counsel for an international financial services company, and still is actively involved on Capitol Hill.

Our United States:  We Are A REPUBLIC!

Our first speaker will be Steven Maikoski as he continues his 
presentations on our nation's history and the elements making 
up our constitutional government.  


Over 150 people attended this meeting.

As every member of our group is a volunteer, we wish to thank all those who contribute their time and abilities in making our program run.  

During the lecture on the incongruities of Islam's shariah government and our constitutional freedoms, the vendors' tables were quiet and focused.