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Wake up America!
Are We Too Politically Correct to Save Our Country?

New Location, New Date!!


When: 7:00pm Thursday June 20, 2013
Where: Rush Park Auditorium -  3001 Blume Drive Rossmoor 90720

Directions: From Seal Beach Blvd. turn west on St. Cloud which will turn into Montecito dr. turn west on Main way and go a for a short drive to rush park which will be on your left side. The auditorium is on the south side of the park. There is a parking lot adjacent to the building and there is plenty of street parking.

Jon H. Gold
Guest Speaker: Jon H. Gold, is a retired US Army Colonel and a 30-year career Intelligence Officer. In the mid 1990’s he was the Chief, Military Intelligence Officer assigned to the United Nations Pre-Deployment Forces (UNPREDEP) in former Yugoslavia. While focused on the security of American and United Nations forces in the region, he witnessed this asymmetric strategy unfold. 

Imagine living in a horrifying time when good does not triumph over evil. Imagine knowing of a frightful place where women are property, where children are brainwashed, and where men murder unquestioningly.
Imagine watching a backward barbaric tribe attacking its neighbors, murdering and spreading a reign of terror over all it touches, vowing to wipe out all other tribes - to the last man, woman and child. Imagine that one by one the more enlightened tribes start to fall to the evil onslaught.
Imagine living in the greatest enlightened tribe of all. You have the technology and power to confront and defeat the barbarians – but your progressive beliefs and tolerant rules keep you from fighting back. The barbarians know your rules and count on your acquiescence to insure their ultimate victory – your submission or your death.
STOP imagining; this is not fiction. The place and time are here and now. World War III already started. The Radical Islamic Fundamentalists’ War Plan has 5 Fronts and is already succeeding all over Europe, Africa and Asia. The United States is their final objective and most Americans don’t believe we are even in a war!
Sean Graves - Young Republican's

Colonel, Jon H. Gold
Sean Graves was an inspirational speaker with a conservative message to our younger generation.
Sean Graves
Tenth Amendment Speaker