We Welcome Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson

  When:  January 16, 2014
  Where: Rush Park Auditorium
              3001 Blume Dr. Rossmoor, 90720
  Time:    7:00pm
Our Guest:  Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, speaking on: 
"How to Restore America's Greatness"
Jesse Lee Peterson is president and founder of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), an organization that is dedicated to a conservative agenda among African Americans.  He has warned us that hatred for whites is being reinforced and encouraged by Obama, Oprah and the mainstream media, and has written several books, including SCAM:  How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America.”He is Founder of the South Central L.A. Tea Party, he detests Planned Parenthood and legal abortion, welfare, and the black holiday Kwanzaa. And that’s just for starters.

Loren Spivack,
 The Free Market Warrior will be with us presenting his upcoming seminar:
"The Search for Super Human Wisdom." Law History and the Environment!
Seminar location will be at the St. Isidore Hall. January 24,25, 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Located at 10961 Reagan Street, Los Alamitos CA 90720
RSVP to Dave Marzella 714-206-3463 

Prior to Reverend Peterson’s speech, our segment on constitutional education will continue, this time on the legal manipulations of our First Amendment.  

On Friday the 13th of December, a federal judge gave the City of San Diego ninety days to take down the cross on the Mount Soledad War Memorial.  This order is in response to a lawsuit filed over twenty years ago by persons represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Our First Amendment gives the citizens the right to enjoy religious freedom, so why has this been allowed?  How did Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Church effect this ruling?  This speech will include materials for you to take to your friends.


Sharia and Our Constitution

The Muslim Brotherhood, Jihad, and Shariah
Is it a Threat to America’s Existence?

When:  November 21, 2013
Where: Rush Park Auditorium, 3001 Blume Dr. Rossmoor  CA.
Time:    7:00pm

We will present two courses that involve every citizen:

Presented by Jim Murphy and Steve Martel - Act! For America.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Jihad
and Shariah

What you will learn:
·      What is Shariah, Islamic Law and why do you need to know about it?
·      Why the Muslim Brotherhood is democracy’s most dangerous enemy
·      Why imposing Shariah on America is the Muslim Brotherhood’s biggest goal.
·      The key Shariah doctrines that have enabled Muslims to subjugate unbelievers for 1400 years
·      The role that CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood groups play in the stealth jihad against America.
·      The Muslim Brotherhood’s 5-step plan to subjugate America to Shariah (they are on step 3!!).

Our Speakers:  
   Steve Martel is also a team leader for ACT! for America, a nationwide, grass-roots organization dedicated to educating the public and elected officials about the threat of Political Islam. 

  Jim Murphy is the Political Education and Action Team Leader for the Mission Viejo Chapter of ACT! for America.   He is a former General Counsel for an international financial services company, and still is actively involved on Capitol Hill.

Our United States:  We Are A REPUBLIC!

Our first speaker will be Steven Maikoski as he continues his 
presentations on our nation's history and the elements making 
up our constitutional government.  


Over 150 people attended this meeting.

As every member of our group is a volunteer, we wish to thank all those who contribute their time and abilities in making our program run.  

During the lecture on the incongruities of Islam's shariah government and our constitutional freedoms, the vendors' tables were quiet and focused.

Fourth Anniversary Celebration

405/605 Tea Party Patriots
Four Year Anniversary Celebration!

When:  October 17th. 2013
Where: Rush Park Auditorium, 3001 Blume Dr. Rossmoor  CA.
Time:    7:00pm

Celebration Cake
Constitution Moment w/Steve Maikoski

We will be having our 4th Anniversary Celebration at this meeting. Please attend and meet like-minded Patriots so you will not feel like you are fighting this battle alone. We have an uphill battle for the soul of our Country and especially California. We must stick together, so meeting other Patriots and networking is something we can do at this meeting. Please attend and bring another Patriot with you.

Our Guest Speaker for the Event:
Our Next Governor of California??
Assemblyman Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1966. After receiving his B. A. in English from the University of California, Irvine, Tim started his own small business. Having twenty years' experience on the front lines of manufacturing, Tim brings a unique understanding of the problems facing one of the most important sectors in our economy.

In the Legislature, Tim has earned the reputation of a conservative who holds steadfast to his beliefs: pro-jobs policies, low taxes, public safety, and protecting the Second Amendment.

In addition, Tim led the fight to repeal AB 131, the California Dream Act, which provides illegal immigrants with college scholarships funded with taxpayer dollars.

Tim is strongly considering running for governor in 2014 in California. His combination of business experience, conservative conviction, and family values make him an ideal candidate for this position.Tim and the love of his life, Rowena, have five sons and one grandson. 

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Candidate for Governor

Leading America into a Brighter Future

405 /605 Tea Party Patriots
                Please note our change of Venue and Day!  

 “Leading America into a Brighter Future”
 Patriots, Please bring as many young people as you can, this is really important for them to Attend.

  When: 7:00pm Thursday August 15, 2013 
Where: Rush Park Auditorium -  3001 Blume Drive Rossmoor 90720

Directions: From Seal Beach Blvd. turn west on St. Cloud which will turn into Montecito dr. turn west on Main way and go a for a short drive to rush park which will be on your left side. The auditorium is on the south side of the park. There is a parking lot adjacent to the building and there is plenty of street parking.

Keynote Speaker: Pete Bowen
Pete Bowen became the first lay President of Servite High School in July 2004. As the chief executive officer, Bowen has overall responsibility for the school and its strategic vision, and direct responsibility for advancement, business practices, information technology and facilities. He is a Servite alumnus from the Class of 1982. Bowen has been a member of the Servite Secular Order since 2007. Mr. Bowen came to Servite High School from the Los Angeles Unified School District where he held the position of ethics officer and was responsible for creating the first public education ethics program. Prior to this, Mr. Bowen was a leadership and ethics consultant, and an executive with several high-technology companies. 

Bowen served eleven years on active duty as an officer in the United States Marine Corps where he was an AV-8B Harrier pilot and instructor. He retired from the Marine Corps Reserves after 24 years of total service. 

An expert on ethics, leadership and culture, Bowen has been a guest on national television and radio shows including the O’Reilly Factor, Discovery Channel and Fox News channel. He has published papers and been a featured speaker at academic and professional conferences. He serves as an instructor teaching leadership and ethics in the California Department of Justice’s Command College course for law enforcement executives.

Other Speakers will include Sean Graves of the LBSTATE Young Republicans and Steve Maikoski who will be speaking about our Constitution.

For more information please log onto our website
Peter Bowen
Rich Carson
Sean Graves

Peter Bowen