My Grandchildren's America

405/605 Tea Party Patriots

Wednesday September 12th 2012
Leisure World Seal Beach
13533 Seal Beach Blvd. Seal Beach 90740
7:00pm Clubhouse #2

"My Grandchildren's America"
Don Jans, Author "My Grandchildren's America"

Will it still be the Land of the Free and the Home of
the Brave??

  Speaker: Don Jans, Author                                              

PictureThroughout the election cycle of 2008,
then presidential candidate Barack Obama claimed under his leadership America would begin a "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION".  He was purposely vague on the details of into what our nation was going to be transformed.
In the 1800's, Karl Marx also advocated the necessity of a "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION".  He described what policies were necessary to bring about this "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION" that would result in his version of a so-called fair and equitable society.
Author Don Jans, outlines the policies advocated by Karl Marx.  Don does not tell you how to think, but gives you the facts for you to determine if the "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION" now US president Barack Obama first sold in 2008, is the same "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION" forwarded by Karl Marx.
You must decide for yourself, based not on myth and innuendo, but straight facts.
This is a MUST READ for all Americans who care about the future of America, the land of freedom and opportunity


Historical Impressionist Peter M. Small portrays the Sage of Monticello prior to his death on July 4, 1826. While known as our Third President, Mr. Jefferson also wanted to be remembered as a scientist, farmer, architect, inventor, and author of the Declaration of Independence. This portrayal and others grew out of Mr. Small’s love of history and while he taught history in the greater Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. areas. He has performed many times before at the temple and for a wide range of national audiences, including the Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, and George Bush Presidential Libraries and the History Channel.

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Peter M. Small, Playing Thomas Jefferson
"Patriots with a Cause"