2011 January 08

Come To The Next Tea Party January 12th, 2011!

Meeting: 7:00 PM
Wednesday, Jan. 12
St. Isidore’s Hall
10961 Reagan St.
Los Alamitos, CA

About Mike: A United States Marine Corps veteran and graduate of U.S.C. law school, has a broad background in law, business, and finance. Founder and managing principal of Private Trust Management Group, Mike helped found St. Monica Academy in Pasadena, the Pasadena Patriots, and TEAPAC for grass roots training, service, and support for Tea Party organizations.)

Mike will answer three questions:

1) What do you make of the election?
2) What happened in California?
3) Where do we go from here?

The 2010 election exposed the fault lines in American politics. The battle for the soul of America has just started. The real work begins in January.

• The Democrat Party is still in the thrall of the Left.
• The Republican Party needs the energy and passion of the Tea Party but doesn’t want them making decisions.
• Across the Nation, the Republican Party had to be dragged kicking and screaming to electoral success.

The real reasons we lost big in California.

• While there is certainly an active Tea Party movement here in California, we were too few, too little and too late.
• There is no real Republican party structure to build on.
• The unions are much stronger here than almost any other state.
• California may be viewed as the home islands of the Liberal Empire.

Why is there hope?

• Even though we’re operating deep behind enemy lines we were able to plant the flag, rally our troops and go on the offensive.
• Six big reasons why things won’t be the same next time.
• Our state is on a collision course with reality.
• When Californians awake, we must be ready.


• Learn eight steps to change the future.
• Build the organization
• Use the organization
• Patriot groups must now move into the local elections, which is where we will begin to make our mark.