October - Katy Grimes - A REAL Journalist From Sacramento

For months we have been trying to match schedules with Katy Grimes, a fact-driven investigative reporter from Sacramento.  We finally have her on October 18.  She will talk about the last bills making it out of Sacramento and field questions.  

This should be informative and fun!

As Senior Correspondent for the Flash Report, Katy covers the California Legislature and state agency politics from the State Capitol.

For the last 10 years, Katy has worked as an investigative journalist, political columnist and news reporter for The Sacramento Union, the Pacific Research Institute’s CalWatchdog Journalism Center, and The Flash Report.

Katy currently writes for Canada Free Press, Legal Insurrection and Reagan Baby. She has been published in the Orange County Register, the Flash Report, Cal News, California Political News and Views, Fox and Hounds, Human Events, and Watchdog.org. She was a regular columnist for The Sacramento Union, and has written for the Washington Examiner, the San Francisco Examiner, the Sacramento Bee, Fox News, and the Business Journal.

The Band of the California Battalion Returns!

Tuesday - September 20, 2016  7:00 pm  

Rush Park Auditorium  3001 Blume Dr.  Los Alamitos CA

The Band of the California Battalion will again play for our patriots this September.  Bring your friends, family and enjoy an entertainment feast as we listen and sing along with the band.
We ask that everybody wear red, white & blue!  

The History of Islam - WHY this is happening.

August 16, Tuesday,  7pm - Rush Park Auditorium - 3001 Blume Dr., Los Alamitos, CA  

William J. Federer is the author of many books and has been the guest of more TV and radio shows than we can count, including Bill O'Reilly Hannity, CSPAN and MSNBC.  His knowledge of politics and history are impressive, including some VERY interesting facts about the history of Islam, which will be the focus of his talk at our meeting. 

Do not miss this informative and important meeting!

Convention Madness?

7pm, Rush Park Auditorium
3001 Blume Dr.  Los Alamitos, CA

This is on the fourth Tuesday of the month; we are meeting after the Republican convention and during the Democrat Convention.  

Burt Prelutsky is one of the most prolific political writers in the business, a true conservative Hollywood writer and current columnist for the Patriot Post and World Net Daily.
Burt has a way of applying humor and common sense in a season of political madness.  

You most likely have seen his work on the TV series DRAGNET,  M*A*S*H, Diagnosis Murder, the Mary Tyler-Moore Show, McMillan & Wife and more.  

Special Guest: Jesse Lee Peterson

Tuesday Evening, June 21, 2016  7:05 pm
Rush Park Auditorium, 3001 Blume Dr.  Los Alamitos, CA

We are honored to have The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson come and talk to us about his new book
The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood. Jesse will also talk about the dynamics of the ending of President Barack Obama's presidency amid the Black Lives Matter groups and society in general.  

Do Not Miss this important meeting!