February 20, 2020 Meeting

405-605 Patriots meet on THURSDAY evening, 7:00 pm, February 20, 2020
at Rush Park Auditorium, 3021 Blume Drive, Los Alamitos, CA

Our Special Guest:  Ruth Weiss - The Election Integrity Project

Ruth is heading up one of the most important projects in our state, that of cleaning up the voting registrations so fraud is minimized.  Do not miss her presentation, which will explain how all of us can help get this state back to accountability.  It can be done - - and it starts with the voter registrations. 

We are adding to our evening as the meeting nears.  Patriot Steve just attended the meeting of the Federalist Society, and will be explaining the importance of the Anti-Federalists, which was the focus of that meeting.  Hand-outs will be given on this subject so you can study it at home. 

We are getting California energized!   Our last meeting had over 140 people who want to Make California Great Again!  Bring your friends and spread the word!

Get Ready For A New Election and New Energy!

Bringing In New Voters In California!

Our Speaker:  Anthony Cabassa!

Set the date on your Calendar:  

Thursday evening, January 16, 7 pm, Rush Park Auditorium

We are attaching our latest list of voting recommendations, including Orange County Judges.  This is a jpeg file, so you can download it as a photo and print to your liking.

Best Selling Author Larry Schweikart - Voting Recommendations

Best Selling Author Larry Schweikart returns this month to present his case on the lies that the Liberal/Leftist/Democrats are using to maintain their course of changing this nation into another third world country.  Their tempo has picked up with attacks on President Trump and anybody who works for him. They wage their warfare at every opportunity - even formal dinners.

Voter Guide HERE!

 LA Times photo 
As our special guest speaker we will have Orange County Supervisor MICHELLE STEEL  who will discuss the recent lawsuits for opting out of sanctuary status and its ramifications.  We are working on confirming speakers from the first city to opt out, our own Los Alamitos.  So far we have Councilmen Richard Murphy and Troy Edgar.